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PharmacoMicrobiomics Web Portal (what we believe is) Release 1.0.

Today, what we believe is Release 1.0 of the PharmacoMicrobiomics web portal is done, on 11/11/11 as scheduled. What a relief! We just released a test-version of this site on Nov 1, and it looked as if it were near … Continue reading

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BioPython Me!

“I am quite concerned about the API [NCBI’s EUtils] that you’re planning to use! I think we should give it a try before start working on the database and the interface! Give me the URL! ‘Pypi’s EUtils‘?” Those words were … Continue reading

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Pharmacomicrobiomics for Engineers!

As we start the IT-based phase of the project Pharmacomicrobiomics, I decided to make this slideshow to market the project to my supervisors at the Information Technology Institute, and –honestly– to organize my ideas to create an action plan for … Continue reading

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