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Assistant Professor, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt and Adjunct Faculty, the American University in Cairo

One year!

It is now one year since the PharmacoMicrobiomics Portal was officially launched. We feel like providing a sort-of-informal progress report. First of all, we are really happy and proud that the portal is still up and running. The initiative started … Continue reading

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PharmacoMicrobiomics Web Portal (what we believe is) Release 1.0.

Today, what we believe is Release 1.0 of the PharmacoMicrobiomics web portal is done, on 11/11/11 as scheduled. What a relief! We just released a test-version of this site on Nov 1, and it looked as if it were near … Continue reading

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The PharmacoMicrobiomics Database is now live!

Today marks the first major upgrade of the PharmacoMicrobiomics web portal since its launch about 15 months ago. It is a major upgrade because we finally have a functional relational database to replace the old GoogleDoc spreadsheet tables, thanks to … Continue reading

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How bugs modulate acetaminophen’s metabolism and toxicity?

From Microbe World: Metabolomics and the Microbiome (MWV45) An interview with Dr. Jeremy Nicholson, Head of the Department of Surgery & Cancer at Imperial College London by Dr. Stanley Maloy, Dean, College of Sciences, SDSU

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Even before the official day of its publication, the word “pharmacomicrobiomics” was honored to win the “Bad Omics Award” by the “Phylogenomics” expert, Jonathan Eisen 🙂 Now, on a more serious note, you can learn more about pharmacomicrobiomics by reading … Continue reading

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