The PharmacoMicrobiomics Database is now live!

Today marks the first major upgrade of the PharmacoMicrobiomics web portal since its launch about 15 months ago.

It is a major upgrade because we finally have a functional relational database to replace the old GoogleDoc spreadsheet tables, thanks to the amazing efforts of the pharmacy-graduate-who-also-became-an-IT-expert in less than a year, Mariam Rizkallah, who is also a co-author of this blog.

Please check the new site; play with the database; make suggestions; do everything possible to break it and report it to us so we can have a good stable release by 11/11/11 (our fancy deadline for the first release).

Yes, the database is missing a major thing: data! Hmmm. I mean we just uploaded a few examples now to test the system, but more examples are expected to be uploaded soon… very soon!


About RKA

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt and Adjunct Faculty, the American University in Cairo
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