Pharmacomicrobiomics for Engineers!

As we start the IT-based phase of the project Pharmacomicrobiomics, I decided to make this slideshow to market the project to my supervisors at the Information Technology Institute, and –honestly– to organize my ideas to create an action plan for the project. I have to say that the poster that Dr. Ramy Aziz has presented in UT-ORNL-KBRIN Bioinformatics Summit 2011 did help big time.

Actually, my supervisor loved it and he found it beneficial to scientific community.


About Mariam Rizkallah

Hey, This is Mariam Reyad Rizkallah, a graduate of Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University (FOPCU), just finished my software engineering diploma, and currently a Biotechnology Master's student at the American University in Cairo. A bit interested in tropical infectious diseases, bioinformatics and phage genomics, but you can call me "Passepartout"; because I "can be interested" in everything!! In my first years in college, I never imagined that one day I will read or write about science. Now, here I'm, among an amazing team starting by writing about science and now doing science led by Dr. Ramy Aziz from FOPCU. My favorite m.o. is P. falciparum; I like it because I like Ronald Ross, I think that he was distracted someday, just like me! Things I can't stand and want to fight: unemployment, child abuse, inaccessibility to medicine/healthcare and inaccessibility to knowledge. Favorite bands!? I listen to Linkin Park, Coldplay, Eminem, Bon Jovi, Fall Out Boy, The Killers and Chris Cornell.
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